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Come a discover the heritage of Cry D'Er.

The CMA group, past, present and future.

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  • History

    The Chalet de Cry d'Err, built in 1944, was the first high altitude restaurant in Crans-Montana. Since those Since the pioneering days of tourism in Crans-Montana, the Cry d'Err site has undergone many transformations.

    The restaurant has been extended several times and the ski lifts have arrived to serve the Cry d'Err site directly.

    Since December 2016, the Cry d'Er Club d'Altitude was born to offer an exceptional place where high quality musical programming and bistronomic cuisine meet for the greatest pleasure of your ears and your taste buds

    • Press kit

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      • CMA group

        Through our various companies, we offer a complete experience to our visitors throughout the year. Accommodation, catering, leisure and other services.

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